How to Create a Cozy Balcony

It’s no secret that balconies are a great place to spend time in the summer. When you get home from a long day, they provide a space for relaxation and fresh air. Balconies not only offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, but they can also be used as outdoor living spaces with many benefits. One of the most important parts of balcony care is making sure it is safe for everyone who will be using it. 

What can be done on the balcony?

The first step in creating a cozy balcony is to take care of it. Make sure that the railing and any other fixtures are sturdy enough, and keep everything clean from dirt or dust. This will ensure your safety as well as keeping the space looking nice for guests. The second thing you should do is make some changes with what’s already on the balcony – which often means planting flowers! 

Some plants that can be grown on balconies include: fuchsia, chrysanthemum, lavender, petunia, geraniums (commonly called scented geranium), marigolds (also known as African daisies) zinnias (called Mexican sunflowers). When deciding what flower to plant there really is no wrong answer and it all depends on the person’s taste. 

The last step is to choose a railing for your balcony, which can be tricky because there are so many options out there! The most popular styles of railings include: metal balustrade handrails or wrought iron railing with an ornamental design in each panel (like grapevines). You also have choices that are more practical like glass panels ro aluminum frames. Whichever style you go with remember safety first – make sure whichever type you decide on will hold up if someone falls against it.

What flowers to plant?

  • Fuchsia

Great flower for those who want something unique but still pretty! It has many different colors including pink, purple, red, and white.

  • Chrysanthemum

Great for anyone who wants a flower with lots of character! These flowers are often used in bouquets because they have so many different colors to offer from blue or pink to red or yellow.

  • Lavender

If you love the smell of lavender then this is one plant that’s perfect for your balcony! It has clusters of small purple flowers all around it which give off an amazing scent. 

  • Petunia

Petunias come in a wide range of colors making them ideal for any type palette; they also do well when planted near taller plants like roses as filler. They grow best on balconies if given enough sun but can be grown indoors too if there’s no balcony or space.

  • Geraniums

These flowers can be very colorful and come in shades of pink, purple, red/purple, yellow-orange, white to dark blue depending on the variety. They are also known for their scent making them ideal for balconies that need a little more life to brighten it up! 

  • Marigolds (also called African daisies)

This plant is hardy and does well outdoors all year round; they grow best when planted near roses but will do well anywhere given enough sun. Marigold plants have lots of different colors including orange, gold or even brown if you want something not so flashy! Zinnias (called Mexican sunflowers) | Similar to marigolds, zinnias grow well all year round and are hardy. They come in a variety of colors from yellow to red with the most common being orange-red 

Which railing should you choose?

  • Metal balustrade handrails or wrought iron railing | These rails offer long lasting durability but can be expensive. This type often has an ornamental design on each panel like vines that make it more aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • Glass panels or aluminum frames| These types will give your balcony a modern feel while still offering protection for those who might fall against them. The glass is easy to clean and maintain while metal railings have the added benefit of not rusting! There’s no right answer when deciding what works best for you – it all depends on your taste!
  • Tempered glass balustrade is a clear, durable building material that can be used as part of balconies. Tempered glass is made from two layers of heat-strengthened glass with a layer in between that’s been heated and then rapidly cooled to produce compression in the glass which will provide shatter resistance.