10 List of Famous Festivals

Rio Carnival is an event that takes place before Lent.

It’s a celebration of Carnaval and lasts for 12 days, ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. Dancing is the main focus of Rio Carnival with people dressing up in various costumes, such as Queens and Princesses.

The next event on our list is Venice Carnival.

This takes place during the two weeks before Shrove Monday every year, and celebrations can include anything from parties to theatrical events or boat races. The area hosts a number of tourists who come to take part in the festivities, as well as locals who participate by wearing costumes, dancing, singing songs and drinking wine from traditional ceramic masks.

The third event on our list is Oktoberfest.

This takes place in Munich, Germany. The event starts on the last Saturday of September each year and lasts until October of the following year. It is a time for family gatherings, eating and drinking with friends, wearing costumes and traditional dress as well as dancing to Bavarian music all day long.

The fourth festival on our list is Carnaval de Barranquilla also known as ‘Carnival’.

This includes many different events such as dance competitions or presentations related to national culture but it’s most famous because it features parades that can have up to 500 participants! There are even special programs where people from other countries can join their own parade while celebrating their country’s cultural heritage.

Next we have Carnival in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

This is a three-day celebration that begins on the Thursday before Lent and ends just after Ash Wednesday. It doesn’t have as many attractions or tourists like some of our other festivals but it does include dances such as Folia de Reis (King’s Ball) which celebrates King Momo who brings gifts to all children in Rio Grande do Sul.

The sixth event on our list is Carnival in Nice, France.

The festival starts each year with an extravagant opening ceremony involving floats and dancers followed by four days of festivities including parades, concerts and shows until Fat Tuesday arrives where there are more celebrations for another six days! One thing you’ll notice about this festival is that people wear masks known as ‘loupes’ to keep their anonymity.

The seventh event on our list is Carnival of Oruro, Bolivia.

Which has a history that dates back to 1582. The festival starts with the commemoration of Saint John before continuing for days in what can be described as one big party! There are many parades and dance competitions but what’s most important about this celebration is that it shows how religion blends into the festivities and accepts everyone who participates.

The eighth festival on our list is New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Which started in 1970 by the Louis Armstrong Jazz Foundation. The festival includes over 100 music performances every year. Performers include Stevie Wonder, Harry Connick Jr., The Dirty Projectors and John Fogerty.

The ninth event on our list is Peking Opera Festival

Held in Beijing in November annually at the Poly Theater. This includes different performances from opera to acrobatics as well as a fireworks show. In addition to these performance there are film screenings, discussions about culture and workshops for those who want to learn more about how to create traditional Chinese opera costumes or make paper theater sets.

The tenth event on our list is The Dances of Universal Peace

A 12 day celebration that features dance teams from around the world performing at various locations in Washington DC every summer since 1981. It commemorates unity among nations by featuring classical dances from all over the world while teaching people about other cultures and traditions through free workshops open to everyone!

Dubai festival city mall

Dubai Festival City Mall is a shopping mall which was built in 2000.

It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road and has about 280 shops. It is one of the Arab World’s biggest malls and it covers about 340,000 square meters of space with parking for 2,000 cars. Dubai Festival City Mall also contains several restaurants and cineplexes.